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PinkSkull's News

Posted by PinkSkull - November 25th, 2012

What? You tought I was dead, well, I'm not (I think).
I wanted to make a surprise comeback with some simple animation but school sucks the life out of me, I don't think I'll get into any projects until 2013 if I get into any at all. Also, I'm really interested on trying my luck on game design, like, REALLY.

But that's not the reason of my post.

A friend of mine and his team are working on a mobile game, and I'm using this page to do them some shameless promotion. The idea is to make an action-adventure game on the Aztec culture, since the Greek and Nordic mythologies are, let's face it, really overused.

Note: I'm personally not involved in this project.

And since I know you're more of the visual kind, here's the teaser video:

The idea is really promising, you can talk to people, turn into animals, and stuff, and they're working really hard on it, there is no kickstarter page yet, but on the mean there's facebook, twitter and a site, I'll post the link to kickstarter as soon as they have one. On the mean:

Site (with detailed info on how the game will be)

On the other hand, another couple of my friends are working on an endless running game, Souler, they do have kickstarter, it is here.
And it's facebook.
(I'm not involved in this one either).

Check them out and support them if you can, they're people with feelings you know.

Posted by PinkSkull - November 24th, 2011

Hello newgrounders, I'm leaving this message because this winter vacation I'll be on a mandatory break from animating, gaming, and anything that involves a computer.

I had already posted about this but this time it'll be more hardcore. I got this big explanation about what tendinitis is, what the computer's been doing to my arms, and what terrible consequences not taking care can have. This plus the fact that I have not gotten any better in three months means no winter vacation projects for me.

Hopefully I'll get better and have a lot of ideas while I don't do anything and come up with something awesome next year. I love you all.

Also advicing you to take care, take breaks, if you feel pain go to a doctor, etc, because it gets really bad.

Good luck~

-message left with love by PinkSkull :3

Also follow me on twitter lol: @thanniaB
the ocassional tweet from my cellphone doesnt hurt that much....

Posted by PinkSkull - October 10th, 2011

My TOFA 2011 shirt arrived on saturday! I'm so excited, I had never recieved anything from the internet before! *becomes a shop-addict*

And that's pretty much it....

My arms still hurt and I have loads of homework, but I've been feeling better and am desperate to start animating again.

Also Edmund McMillen said no to coming to my university to give us a conference on indie gaming ):

And that's pretty much my life~

My TOFA shirt arrived!

Posted by PinkSkull - August 25th, 2011

So now, officially, I literally can't animate.

Went to a doctor and apparently I have "tendinitis", it can be treated with meds but I shouldn't use the computer but for school stuff.

I had to make a simple flash presentation the other day, and it hurt like hell, so I really can't do any animation work, I won't be able for a while.

It's kind of sad since I really wanted to continue with the streak I had with TOFA.

But well I have been drawing traditionally and maybe I'll come up with some new ideas or redefine my style or who knows, something good has to happen.

I also resurrected my old game boy color.

Really guys, take care, it hurts a lot, and it hurts more knowing you can't do what you love.

Posted by PinkSkull - August 15th, 2011

Starting from now and for an indefinite amount of time (my first goal is one week) I will try to avoid the computer for anything that isn't school work.

This is because since the middle of the holiday my wrists started to hurt, and I don't want it to become any worse.

If I succeed this will cut my time spent on a computer by half, which I hope my body will be grateful.

This of course means, that the animated version of "The king of Hyrule is a Jerk" will probably take forever to finish, for what I feel kind of bad since I already didn't work on it on vacation because I wanted to enjoy the last days of them. Hope noone else does it before me.

I wish this time for myself it's useful for my creativity, since I've been spending most of my computer time drooling on 9gag, and it'll help me get a little out of that social networking addiction (not at all since I have a smartphone)(I've been on a hate-everybody mood lately so maybe it wont be as hard), and if I'm not doing that I'm ussually playing League of Legends-

So secretly I'm running away since I'm afraid I'd see that Warwick skin I was saving up my free RP for now that I just wasted them on a Cho'Gath one, you should buy me Riot Points, or at least send my animation to the Summoner Showcase.

So these days I'll be reading more, drawing more, and playing more old videogames, since I've been scared away by physical pain I don't think It'll be that hard.

I love you.

Posted by PinkSkull - August 7th, 2011

I've been thinking about making a new "news entry" in here lately but the topic I think about doing it changes constantly. But I'm lazy and I never actually get to write anything.

First I tought I should do it about "La Rosa de Guadalupe", a low budget mexican show which made an episode about a cosplay girl recently which was unintentionally funny, really funny. But the hype about it is well, really regional and it actually made no sense if I wrote about it after a while it had happened.

I also had my opinion on shaving after I say some 9gag post that said something about what society deems beautiful and that you should mutilate yourself or whatever. I don't know but I think it was nonsense. It's not like shaving hurts, I used to hate our male-dominated society because I had to wax and waxing hurts, but shaving? shaving is quick and easy and sincerely, you look better. You look clean, I like to have my legs hair-free as well as I would like to have my boyfriend (if I had one) have a well-shaved beard. Hell if I could make all men in the world shave their armpits as well I would. There's a line between feminism and plain nonsense. I believe women and men have equal rights and stuff, but I think demanding that shaving is... bad or whatever is just being a senseless rebel.

As well, I had a mini rant about how on all american movies the russians are still the bad guys, it's like, the cold war ended like 20 years ago (not sure I'm not exactly a history fan), I find it stupid that the russians are still the bad guys in most modern day movies. I've always wondered wheter on Russia the americans are the bad guys in their movies. But living so close to the U.S. we are always full of their own propaganda so we get the ideas that they are the good guys and the Russians the bad guys. Honestly, I believe it's time that humans stop fighting between themselves.

But I have continued realizing how the world is full of stupid people.

And then I tought about making the usual art news post, and writing about how I've been thinking of indeed posting one of my self - made characters in here each week and write a little about their stories, even tho they've never been on a comic or whatever.

Well I start school this monday so I don't know if I will actually be able to do anything, I hope I am.

And maybe I have more to write but I have forgotten so thanks if you read this.

Posted by PinkSkull - July 26th, 2011

I used to love you, I really did.

I loved knowing almost always when it was someone's birthday, and who broke up with whom at the moment so I wouldn't make awkward moments.

I remember when we first met, how you were just one page for each person, with no customization at all, I liked it because it was uniform for everyone, not a mess of colors and weird letters like other sites did. Because people sometimes suck at customization.

The only thing I hated was the mini-feed of course, informing everyone about what I did. But later you removed it.

I remember having my page clearly organized with some "which character are you.." applications, so it showed a little bit about my self without being a mess, and I also remember the pointless vampires and werewolves "games". I had a couple of "bumper stickers" and a little playlist that survived the test of time until recently.

Then you started to change, and everytime you changed people complained, but I just got annoyed at their complaints, you did it all for their sake.

I, personally, have always been against the dislike button, it would allow high levels of trolling. But when you changed the "become a fan" for "like" well, people actually used it that way, not much of a change on how it was used anyway.

I think my favorite you was around 2009, when we had the little phrase on the side, our statuses stayed on top of our pages, and we had different tabs on stuff. It all felt neat and organized. I liked a lot of things from 2009 anyway. I hated 2010 tho.

Then you changed yet again, but this time I didn't support this change, the tiny pictures of the top felt awful for me at the time (I now do creative stuff with them). The pictures everywhere actually, it all feels too cramped! And what I hate the most is that you brought back an equivalent of the "mini-feed". Posting everything I do. Great I found how to hide it nowadays, we all get used to everything.

But it was how I started to hate you.

I hate that you made all this changes, stupid changes, and we all just have to accept them, because we need you.

I also hate that need for posting stuff I now feel everyday.

But what I hate the most is all the hype the media started making around you. I don't say it to sound hipster, but I liked when the internet was for me, my friends, people around my age. Not having my mom's friends going on facebook commenting on how their kids broke up or whatever. I hate the tv always saying how a big phenomenon social networking is (it is, I know, but I hate having it mentioned everywhere as if we couldn't breathe without it). And I hate how some people think that if it is on facebook you automatically know so sometimes I fear that if I don't go I'll miss something important like an extra homework a teacher sent or whatever.

Now I hate you facebook, I do, I want to leave you but I can't do it right away.

I got a google+ account the other day.

I originally didn't want you, I'm sick of being so hooked on you having another social network would just make it worse.

But I got it and I checked it out.

It's really neat. But it's not you.

It's simple, clean and not cramped, I like it, but well, I can't post on my friends walls and basically nobody posts in there.

Maybe I can start leaking my post addiction there and eventually leave you facebook.

Posted by PinkSkull - July 23rd, 2011

I've only got left two weeks of vacation, but I'm pretty glad with the productiveness I've had this summer, I think it's been the best so far (animation-wise).

Right now I'm not sure wether continue with Fobos and Deimos (that comic I started last year to try and regain my artistic soul). I just finished watching Code Geass and re-realized how much of a rip-off Deimos is that I was concius about. And I could start a long rant here about originality and eragon but I'm waiting for my sushi.

Reason is, I'm not exactly motivated about it, I don't see any future from it, but sometimes I just feel like drawing and I kind of liked the story, also I hate not finishing things, but there are so many pages left!

I decided starting an animated version of The King of Hyrule is a Jerk, with the audio from Seymour when I got out of TOFA, but I have only made the archive, I went out of town and since I've got back I've only watched anime and played videogames.

I want to do something cool, but I haven't felt much like working these days, so I'm just surviving them and enjoying what I have left from vacation.

I don't know, aside from TOFA, it has been a long time since I have been motivated by anything, practically since I started college I've just, been just walking forward with no actual direction.

And I also hate how I only get to write this posts when I'm in emo mood, you must think I'm such a depressive person, but I'm not, I just like to write as a way of venting.

Posted by PinkSkull - July 7th, 2011

Ever since I was a little girl I tought I wanted to do cartoons when I grew up, I didn't tell anybody because they would say "but you are so smart you should be a doctor" or something of the sort, they still did that when I said want I wanted to do in High School.

But the hobby I've always enjoyed more, and been more involved into have been videogames, I know a lot stuff about games and their creators and when they come out and stuff, so working in the gaming industry has always been another top option.

I've currently finished 4 semesters out of 10 in a career called "Multimedia Engineering" in a local university, and it involves stuff from programming to 3D animation, web development and stuff.

I know I shouldn't worry because I still have a lot of time before I finish school to decide which path I'll take, thing is, people always say that to have a job in some good enterprise you need to especialize on something, I have looked for example at Riot Games' job applications and I wouldn't know which to choose. Some people say to start your own bussiness but I would like to work somewhere else and learn how it is done.

Well, I haven't explained the real problem yet, I'm stuck between the two sides of my brain, to say it some way:

-I love art, I mean, doing art, I love drawing and animating, and making up stories and stuff, but I know I'm not that good at art, I wouldn't be very confident in showing my art to people, to people who actually know about art.

-I've always been best at math, and logic and stuff, so programming is kind of easy for me, I do like programming, it's fun, and it's a better paid job they say, but I need to have like a homework or something to actually do it, I don't program for fun like I draw, I get tired of it after a while contrary to art.

So I really don't know which path should I focus in, what I'm good at best or what I like better, I know I still have time and life will probably just show me the way. But I wonder if there is some job spot that integrates both?

People always say that those who have top grades aren't the ones who make it good at life, I've always had top grades so I've always said that's the excuse of mediocre people, but in the bottom it kind of scares me you know?
A guy who has some videogame studio in Guadalajara told us at a conference that they don't want people who say they do everything, they want specialists, I know this is the way big studios work as well, but what if you don't say you do everything because you are a show off but basically because you are good and like both things and just really want a job?

I guess the perfect job for me, what I would really like, is being a game designer or who says what the cartoon is about and stuff, just designing everything and telling other minions to do the actual art / programming. But I know I should start from the bottom. I am really ambicious though.

It's like looking for my freaking cutie mark lol.

I used to say I'd conquer the world someday, then little by little I just let that part of myself go, I am glad to find friend that still believe I will conquer the world someday. Maybe I will.

So have you ever had any problem of the sort? Or want to decide my destiny?

Career Dilemmas

Posted by PinkSkull - June 12th, 2011

This is the story of how I came back to animating after a long lost hiatus.

The year was 2009 and I had just invented a new project (that I have now cancelled) because I had just finished an old one, I hardly even finished the first part. Because from the summer of that year until recently I went to a huge artist block, and I mean huge, I really don't remember much of my artistic life by that time but I didn't invent any new character and I barely doodled, let alone animating, my computer kind of forgot flash existed, but I knew I'd be back, someday.

So on the summer of 2010 the artist block started to clear a little bit up, and I came up with Fobosand Deimos to keep myself distracted, entertained, but still, it wasn't enough, I forced my self to do some animation and opened flash again, but I didn't feel like doing it.

And the I watched a Riot Games Summoner Showcase (for joining League of Legends click here). And I must confess, I had the idea of making a videogame parody for a while, you know, for the quick easy page views, but Zelda and Mario had been so overdone, maybe this was my chance! I'd animate a quick LoL parody and appear on the Summoner Showcase ! (I still haven't been featured there ktnx). And what really encouraged me was all the support I got when I asked for voice actors. Since then it just has been going upwards. I may not have appeared on the Summoner Showcase but I was on Tom's post, and well, I knew more people on this awesome community. And I have been doing short, deadline stuff like the TOFA, I think I just joined the sketch collab, and I have even been helping with voice acting.

Now I have more stuff submitted than any of my previous years (ok, two are from voice acting and one is crap, but still), and it's just mid year and I do feel like animating. More will come up.

So thanks again Newgrounds for being my real internet home, and if anyone out there is going through a tough artist block, whatever the trigger is, don't desperate, things will get better!

Also I've been planning on doing something well, a little stupid, posting in here every week or so one of my made-up characters, just to give them some exposure out of my head, even tho they don't have anything else but doodles, what do you think? you won't copy my ideas would you?