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Girls don't trust Girls

2011-06-10 12:30:07 by PinkSkull

I don't know if this is universal or if it only applies where I live, but I've been having this conversation with several different people lately, and it seems fairly true.

I don't know how it really is, but from my female point of view the world of boys seems like paradise, and I don't mean only because they don't have to go look for a different complex dress anytime there is an important event. But because it seems that boys can be friends with anyone anytime. Let's not get into shyness and personality types for the moment. Various of my male friends have told me that I'm not the only one, in fact, most girls tell them it is easier to befriend boys, and it is.

For some reason it seems that boys can get along so easily no matter what, like, it doesn't matter if you never talk to that dude, you can say hello pretty well and spend some time with him if the situation requires it. It seems like they're more open to each other, and if they have a problem, they just punch each other.

The world of girls is different. It's full of closed circles and bitches who live by hipocrisy and are always competing with each other. If someone has a problem with you, don't expect to know it, they'll act like everything's alright and then backstab you. There's always envy and hipocrisy, and usually the problems are in within the same "circle of friends" (especially the mixed ones, because bitches want to be the queens of the boys), when some bitches fight, usually to see who is the alpha of the wolfpack, and usually the stronger bitch leaves the previous alpha one without friends. Other times it's just bitches don't letting a bitch join any wolfpack, even when that bitch has no bad intention, other bitches are always a threat.

I thinks that's why I love Mean Girls so much, it is like a very clever realistic satire.

I'm not saying I don't trust any girls, I have my fair amount of female friends who I trust more than other people. This is just a testimony of how the world of girls socially, can be pretty evil sometimes, not just by my experience, but by the one of many other female friends who have gone into hard times due to this.

I also said "bitch" a lot, it felt cool.


2011-06-06 03:51:38 by PinkSkull

If you haven't played Paper Mario and the thousand year door. GO PLAY IT NOW!

There will be spoilers after this line, you should be warned.

I am replaying it this summer, and just finished the third world, Glitzville, which I remembered as awesome, and well, I really enjoyed again.

I think it is a really original stage, instead of going from room to room in a long and puzzly world, all your fighting you do it in the tournament. But there's more to that, the mistery of it all it's what makes it awesome.

The seven wonders of the Glitz Pit, and how they are revealed and you discover the whole conspiracy behind the facts, the secret messager that helps you, it's all presented in a funny yet misterious way, it makes you to keep playing.

There should be more games like this, with small stages used originally and a little bit of mistery, maybe I should make one based of Glitzville, once I learn how to make games.

I have played both Paper Mario 64, Paper Mario ATTYD, and Super Paper Mario, and I can't and wouldn't like to pick a favorite, they all have something to them, PM64 is more colorful, has it's cute and awesome characters and its sense of nostalgia, I loved the penguin mistery part, a nice and funny memory of my childhood, hell i like misteries. TTYD has the Glitz Pit, the train, it's weird but original worlds, I just started twilight town, and even tho I remember that I hated it the first time (I got stuck in it), now I see it actually has its charm, well, what I liked is the story that when the bell rings someone is turned into a pig, who will be the next one? It might sound funny at first glance but it's actually pretty creepy. What if somebody died when the bell rang, wouldn't that make an awesome terror story? (That probably already exists but I don't know about it) ringing bells are creepy, also, thos darkly dudes would be considered emo if they had appeared a couple of years later. Oh and Super Paper Mario, even tho it's different, I really enjoyed it, I'll just say it's the only game I've played that actually had made me cry.

Curious fact: I played both Windwaker and Paper Mario TTYD about 5 years ago (it's painful to realize it's already been that long), more less at the same time, I used to rent them both back then, I already bought WW now. And I remember I was in those dungeons at windwaker in which the little bird girl and the leaf boy follow you, and I got out of them sick of having someone following me. Then I rented Paper Mario and was like "finally, I'll rest of having someone following me!" and to my surprise what world was next? 101 PUNIES FOLLOWING ME.

This time it was the same but backwards, I left windwaker just before those dungeons when I got the chance to replay TTYD, and I've been playing it since then, so I'm already past the punies.

Well, I think I was going to say more, but I forgot, so yeah, play stuff, it's fun.

I think I've been replaying my Gamecube games now, like, my nostalgia evolved and now instead of missing my 64 games (which I do still play a lot) I moved on to missing the GC ones. Well, games are awesome, peace out.

I hate new Linkin Park

2011-06-02 03:45:55 by PinkSkull

I just do.

And I feel like writing it out somewhere.

And on facebook or comment sections I'll just get trashed for it.

I think there are only two big dissapointments in my life: The Nintendo Wii and the new Linkin Park.

The Wii I think it speaks for itself, I am a girl who grew up with nintendo, I never even turned to look at the PS2 until recently, all my consoles had always been Nintendo's, and when the "Revolution" was announced it sounded so awesome and promising, I mean, you would move the controller and it would do stuff! SO MANY POSSIBILITIES!

I guess the developers never saw any possibilities because all we got were shitty minigame games and games that used "shaking the controller" as an extra button.

I don't say there aren't any good games, but there are certainly really few good games compared to other consoles, and at the top of my head two of those good games are ports from other consoles (RE4 and Okami), and two is a big chunk of the list of good games on the Wii.

I play 360 now, I hate a lot of stuff in it (paying for online, overheating...) but it has awesome games.

I think I can include Twilight Princess in here. You don't know how much I waited for the new Zelda, I literally dreamt of it. And there might have been loads of stuff that kept me from enjoying it, that I played the wii version, that my Wii was in spanish so the game started in spanish (really, electronics and spanish don't get along well), that my brother had just bought RE4 and I wanted to play it more, thing is, I had to force myself to play it.

And I don't know if I have made this review before in this blog, cause I've said it a lot of times. But it just didn't give me what I callthe Zelda feeling. See, I haven't played all Zelda games, but the ones I have, including four swords, have given me this feeling that makes me want to play more, to get inside the tv and be in the game. TP didn't give me that feeling, actually I remember some stuff and I hate it. Windwaker, which I accept I was from the people who trashed the new look when it was announces (I was like 12 at the time plz), is one of my favorite Zeldas, TP = big dissapointment, shame because the wolf is so cute.

My theory is that it wasn't made with love, windwaker, everybody hated it before playing it, but the creator tought it was awesome, so it was made with love, so you got a nice feeling from playing it. TP was made to please all the rabid Zelda fans that wanted another OoT, so they forced themselves into making something that had all the characteristics, but you couldn't feel any love from it (tho most of the characters look gay on that game).

But I was talking about Linkin Park.

Yeah, I hate the new Linkin Park.

See, I am of that generation who grew with LP, LP got me into listening music! I so loved Hybrid Theory and Meteora was pretty awesome too. They were my favorite band, they were awesome! (ok, they were for 14 -year-old-me, i got kind of sick of them after years, but I still recognize the awesomeness in their first 2 albums)(reanimation doesnt count). And so they dissapeared, I moved on to other bands.....

And one they it was announced there'd be a new album! woo! linkin park coming back so cool!

I kind of tolerated What I've Done for a while, but nothing, nothing else in Minutes to Midnight fell right for me.

Then it came, New Divide is it? the one from transformers 2? well, felt mostly the same as What I've Done...

Then I missdownloaded the Cataclysm, or cataclyst, i dont remember the name, and I got some really cool song, which later I found out it was actually called "the fight inside" by RED, I searched for the real cataclyst, and the song I found, hmmm.. well... TOTALLY SUCKED.

Now, these are personal opinions, if you like them cool, I respect you.
But I guess the most people who still like them are mostly into really calm music.

I semi-heard Iridescent today, just half of it, it was what brought me into writing this. Tho I spent most characters on Zelda. I'm a videogame addict.

Most of the comments defending them were like "good bands change blah blah else you would get bored of them blah blah new linkin park is more emotional blah blah change is good".

First, just because the songs are slower doesn't mean they are MORE emotional, well maybe they are, but now that I read old LP's lyrics I realize that if emo existed back in the day, they would be totally emo, also screams potrait emotion pretty well actually.

And yes, most bands change, at the moment I'm kind of sick of Rise Against, who were supposed to be my favorite band, or were for a really long time, and I found their new album good but haven't felt like listening much to it because it's basically the same.

Now My Chemical Romance (which I know most people don't respect, and I was kind of ashamed of liking them for a while when they had bad reputation) had indeed changed a lot from album to album, but I haven't heard anyone call them the "new MCR", either the change has been more gradual or they just make new stuff that appeals to their audience, cause I like all albums from them.

But I guess LP either changed for bad (or for good for those more into pop), or just changed way too much, since they are way too different, therefore don't appeal anymore to those of us who were fans of the old stuff. They're like a total new gender now.

At least Nightwish is different because Tarja went away.

Tho, I'm not sure of any inside changes there have been, maybe they got into a fight or were asked to change, I'm not sure either of anything that happened while making Twilight Princess (someone told me something about troubles when making it and that a lot of ideas were scrapped or something). But I am sure of one thing:

I hate the new Linkin Park.

Projects and TOFA

2011-05-16 01:17:46 by PinkSkull

I think I'm back to my old but renewed animation self!

It all came after the LoL parody, something motivated me to flash again and I haven't stopped.
I currently have two official projects I am definetly doing, plus a couple of other short ideas I might do sometime, plus the TOFA, which I'll list separately.

Back of my Notebook - It's a short just for fun flash about my doodles doing stuff in my notebook while I'm away, I already have the voices and started it and it's supposed to be my next submission (aside from the TOFA). What makes it special is that I won't have to do anything I don't like (like doing backgrounds or colouring), since they are doodles! I actually kind of got the idea from the sketch collab. Well, you can see a fragment of it here.

The other project is an animated piece for this song. It all started when I had the awesome idea of pming charlie asking for permission to use his free songs on my animations (I don't know why I did that). He actually answered, and sent me the remasterized mp3 of the song! So I feel like doing it an animation as a thank-you, and also if done well it might get me a lot of exposure. Wish me luck! I am actually pretty excited, have designed the characters and world and everything.

I have had a cool idea for a game I have partially planned out, I only need of Lachlan to help me program it.

Plus, other ideas for animations I've stole from my friends inner jokes, and crazy themes for games I've come up with.

Now with the TOFA, first I was going to enter, curious if I was gonna make it in the lucky 32 and knowing I would get nowhere with redminus, wonchop and other uberawesome animators as possible competitors. Then this good guy asked me for voice acting help and also encouraged me to enter, so I threw out something senseless and, due to lack of competitors, got in!

I don't know, I'm aware It's very hard for me to make it far, but sometimes I feel I can indeed do it! So I'll work on round 1's theme for now, which I have already a couple ideas for. Tho I'm against a guy who does look as a really good animator. Maybe if my ideas are really good, play it well with the art, and get a little lucky, I might make it! I want a T-Shirt dammit!

Oh I forgot to mention Fobos and Deimos, well, even tho I haven´t worked on them for a while, they won´t die. Why? Because unlike my other dead projects (r.a.m., scifn), i actually love them and love the story, so I may work on them in summer and maybe along my school life, but I won´t be uploading anything until I have a big bunch.

And that is all for today, thanks :)

Also I have a new cute puppy, who doesn't stop crying, CUTE!
Mom gave away the puppy because she didn't stop crying )':


2011-04-24 23:11:59 by PinkSkull

I've always tought photosyntesis is the solution to all our problems.

I am no chemist, but I understand that plants breathe the opposite to us, like, we convert Oxygen into CO2 and plants CO2 into oxygen. Therefore, photosyntesis is the opposite to combustion.

If that's the case, and all our pollution problems are because our vehicules and stuff work by combustion, wouldn't photosyntesis solve it?

Honestly, it surprises me that there isn't any machine that does photosyntesis, are plants such a mystery?

And I don't think an Oxygen pollution will then occur, because we are far too many humans to consume it.

That's why whenever I need to invent any fantasy machine, I put that it "works by photosyntesis", so I don't have to worry for it polluting.

We could even just put little photosyntesis machines to help the plants clean our air and then have awesome Fire Nation Fountains without remorse!


League of Legends

2011-04-10 01:34:03 by PinkSkull

SO, I started the collab thread here.
Go on and join, everybody's invited :3



Finally, I finished my League of Legends animation, you can find it here:

Or on the top of this page, ironically, I haven't played League of Legends in a while because I was making this.

Also, my summoner name is "Sathania", feel free to add me, tho I'm not exactly a model player.

And if you have never played, feel free to join though this link.

Have a nice day!~


2011-04-03 13:42:44 by PinkSkull

I've never had a roomie myself, since I still live in a basement with my parents (okay I don't live in a basement), but through my journeys visiting friends I've reached a conclusion:


There is always, someone in the house, who is a mistery to everyone else, or is avoided by everyone else, throught my journeys I've met up (or not met up):

The Roomie who is never seen but only heard: This roomie you know lives there, pays her fair share of the house, and sometimes even people goes to visit her, but you have never seen her, she ussually screams too, you can hear her voice from upstairs asking you for something, or telling you and your friends to shut up, but she never appears.

The Roomie who dissapears for days: Now this one, you may ocassionally see her and exchange a few words, but you don't know anything about her, her room (or part of the room) is ussually empty or says little about her. You might go to sleep and wake up and she hasn't arrived, or arrived and went away without you noticing. You know she lives there, but it is as if she didn't.

The tall roomie who takes hours puting on makeup and is afraid of sleeping alone, also, never cleans: Well I know of all of this in one roomie. She is really tall, but is scared of sleeping alone, so she goes to someone else's room and invades her private space. She also takes hours putting on make up, so she is always late to school because she can't go out without make up, and then asks you to give her a ride, making you late as well. She also never cleans, and gets angry if you ask her to, so it's kind of the person you want out.

The freak brothers: This guy is a total geek, but not your ussual friendly geek like me, no, this guy scares you, he talks weirdly, makes bad jokes, and is ussually like a grown up kid. Everyone else in the house avoids him and sometimes even makes plans to get past him. He also has a younger brother, who is as geeky as him, but thinks he is superior, so he's always moking him and challenging you to videogames he knows you'll lose.

The heartbreak roomie who sings on her webcam: This roomie broke up a while ago, but she is still in love with the dude, so she invites him over and makes him dinner, even tho the guy already has another girl. The guy lives there as if it were his house, so everybody else in the house can't stand it. This roomie can also be heard singing in her room passionately, apparently via webcam with someone else, you just laugh silently and avoid.

The Milkless cereal eating Roomie: This guy eats cereal, with no milk. He may drink milk later, but never with the cereal.

The weird-noises making roomie: This roomie brings his/her couple over night, and you can hear everything on the next room (or in the same room), but you just remain silent, waiting for everything to stop.

The Closet roomie who is secretly in love with you: This guy is gay, but he hasn't told anybody. He invites you to sleep with him, gives you massages, tells you you look good, and is extremely friendly. Since he is your friend and you don't know anything about his secret desires, you accept everything, and live happily ever after.
Note: I respect all gay people and support gay rights, this is just to complete the list.

All this are based on real facts. If you know any other kind of weird roomie, let me know, and I'll add it to the list.

The other day I was waiting for a haircut, and there was this woman beside me. She was openly reading a magazine, had it wide spread on her legs, and I could see everything she was reading. Suddenly she reaches this "Questions and answers about sex" section, so she takes the magazine really near her face and semi-closes it so noone else can read but her, after a while she changed a page and once again lowered the magazine on to her legs, then she reached again a sex part and same story, she semi-closed it for no one to see what she was reading. I don't know, I tought it was funny.

Today, I had the worst conference ever, literally this dude just sit down and read. You know if you're giving a conference you should at least know what you're talking about. He read quotes about how society today sucks, or at least I think that's what it meant, since he used really technical language and I'm an engineer not a filosofer, so I didn't know anything bout it, nor cared (the conference was mandatory). And when people asked questions he just, kinda evaded them. Poor dude, maybe it was his first conference and he didn't know what a conference was, maybe if he had read but at least stood up and spoke entusiasthically.... well...
What I hate is how eveybody always goes about how today everything's wrong, honestly, if I could choose to live in any other era or this, I would blindly choose this, basically, because before the 1800's hygiene was, well, different. Also I wouldn't choose live in a world where women are inferior, religion is the law, war is everywhere, I don't know. I like it to be able to text my friends and meet crazy people through the internet. I know it has its downs, but it has its good things that compensate them.

On a last note, my League of Legends parody it's running smoothly and i'm practically halfway done :)

Biting more than what I can Chew.

2011-03-11 22:48:11 by PinkSkull

Hi! I am really happy with newgrounds today! Thanks a lot to the voice actors helping me with my little parody project ^^ You are awesome! I wish I had your talent!

Well, uni doesn't let me work in my projects as much as I would like to, I don't have the free time I was used to anymore, still, I'm one of those weird people who are fueled by stress, so I am involved in more stuff than I should, and I will be able to pull it up somehow in the end.



Fobos and Deimos, the Webcomics, and everything related to them. The first chapter is about to end, coming with a surprise! Also, I may take a little "vacation" from uploading when it is done, not to rest but to start pumping the second chapter so it uploads fluently as well. This is my main project and I am trying to do it the best looking possible and it is full of love.

LoL Parody: After watching the first "Summoner Spotlight" by Riot, and fueled by desire that I want to work there, I decided I wanted to appear there someday, but I don't want to just do fanart, I will do a flash parody (I wanted to make a parody of something for a while anyway). So I threw up a silly script and looked for voice actors AND A LOT OF COOL PEOPLE ANSWERED OMG I LOVE YOU. It will be a short, collab-like animation but will all parts by me (I will try to make them different looking). I plan on starting it next weekend when my exams are over, since it is short, I think I can make it in a couple of days, Just like Zombies are Delicious which I made in 4 hours for the Global Game Jam.


Working as Web Developer : Even tho I have made sites just for fun in the past, I have never made one formally, and would be totally scared if asked to make one outside of freewebs. So I am working with a team helping develope sites for companys that ask out university to. I don't get paid, but I will get to learn a little.

Acting in a Play: Even tho I am not outstanding, I really enjoy acting, I've been involved in a play since last semester, a parody of the Oedipus tragedy. Theater rehearsals consume a HELL LOT OF TIME, but are really fun. Also since a lack of characters/actors, I play a male, I get to wear a mustache tho.

Learning really hard Math: They aren't called complex numbers for nothing, this babies are indeed, complex, even tho I've always beed really good at math, I shouldn't miss a minute of class because I might die, I am even about to study a little right now (yeah), so Maths take a lot of my time right now.

Learning Java: My programming teacher leaves a lot of homework, and sometimes I just don't understand, so I need extra time to work on it and on the final project, so I will keep up as best of my class. I think....

Keeping up with my all other useless classes I need to take: Yeah, they are useless, but I have to take them on force, and they sure leave a lot of useless homework, so I can't leave behind.


LoL: Yes, I am totally addicted to League of Legends, so everyday I play at least one match, I am not good but I've become better.
Also, If you have never played League of Legends, try it out! But from this link : =4bef1d84a2a16 So I get a point on the Refer a Friend Program, I will really thank you if you do, And when I conquer the world reward you.

Windwaker: I started playing windwaker, and I am addicted as well, but I have very little time to play.

I also want to replay a lot of nostalgic games of my past, but I barely have time, I am as well reading the count of Montecristo again, my favorite book, and watching How I met Your Mother every once in a while.

I think this is all I am doing right now...

Yeah... have fun, peace out.


2011-03-11 09:19:00 by PinkSkull

I really love this site.

Yesterday I was looking for voice actors for a short parody, posted on the forums, and today I have 9 pms of candidates!! I love this site! I am really excited for checking them and start working on the flash.

Thanks a lot to anyone who applied ^^