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Support my Friends' Game

2012-11-25 20:44:49 by PinkSkull

What? You tought I was dead, well, I'm not (I think).
I wanted to make a surprise comeback with some simple animation but school sucks the life out of me, I don't think I'll get into any projects until 2013 if I get into any at all. Also, I'm really interested on trying my luck on game design, like, REALLY.

But that's not the reason of my post.

A friend of mine and his team are working on a mobile game, and I'm using this page to do them some shameless promotion. The idea is to make an action-adventure game on the Aztec culture, since the Greek and Nordic mythologies are, let's face it, really overused.

Note: I'm personally not involved in this project.

And since I know you're more of the visual kind, here's the teaser video:

The idea is really promising, you can talk to people, turn into animals, and stuff, and they're working really hard on it, there is no kickstarter page yet, but on the mean there's facebook, twitter and a site, I'll post the link to kickstarter as soon as they have one. On the mean:

Site (with detailed info on how the game will be)

On the other hand, another couple of my friends are working on an endless running game, Souler, they do have kickstarter, it is here.
And it's facebook.
(I'm not involved in this one either).

Check them out and support them if you can, they're people with feelings you know.


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2013-03-26 07:09:06

The art for Souler is cool.